Cold drinks in less than 10 min.


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  • Cold drinks in less than 10 min

    With The InnoChiller™ Beverage Cooler & Ice Maker

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Will it fit my freezer?

Yes, with a height of only 7.7" it fits in your freezer drawer.

What about the wet paper towel hack?

The "wet paper towel hack" is widely misunderstood.

This hack simply doesn't work in the freezer, or at best, only reduces the cool down time slightly.

Why is that?
The wet paper towel hack is depended on the evaporation of the water in the paper towel, and the air in the freezer is usually very saturated (cold air cannot contain much water before it is saturated).

The wet paper towel hack can be used outside on a hot summer day with low humidity, but it will never be a quick way of cooling down your bottles.

I'm afraid it might crack the bottles

The InnoChiller will simply stop the fan after the program has finished and thereby slow down the cooling process.

Furthermore an alarm will sound until the InnoChiller is removed from the freezer.

So just put it in the freezer?

Yes just fill the InnoChiller up with your warm beverages and place it in the freezer and wait approx. 10 min.

Can I use it in the fridge?

Yes you can, but expect around 20-25 min.