InnoChiller Beverage Cooler & Ice Maker

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Cool down beers or wine with the InnoChiller, 5 minutes faster than with ice water. without the hassle of messing around with ice cubes, and required cleaning work afterwards.

The InnoChiller makes Ice cubes in only 30 minutes.

The InnoChiller works by using forced convection, in fact, it's the only quick cooler on the market that doesn't require pre-made ice cubes.

The InnoChiller is even capable of making 1 tray of ice cubes in only 30 minutes (save 2-3 hours!).

The InnoChiller probably the most versatile quick cooler on the market, it InnoChiller holds up to 6 cans of beer or 2 bottles of wine.

Here are the 4 installed programs:

  • 3 cans - 9 min.
  • 6 cans - 12 min.
  • Wine - 11 min.
  • Ice Cubes - 30 min.

After each program the InnoChiller will stop and an alarm will start to make you aware that your drinks are ready.