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InnoChiller™ Beverage Cooler & Ice Maker

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The InnoChiller is like a turbo for your freezer - no need to ad ice cubes, just place it in your freezer and you'll feel the difference
The InnoChiller is like a turbo for your freezer - no need to add ice cubes, just place it in your freezer and you'll feel the difference in only 10 min.



✓ All-purpose drink cooler - Cools down: 6 Beers - 2 Wines - Soda, and it even make Ice Cubes (Special designed Ice Cube Tray included). 

✓ Works by the effect of "Wind Chill" - No need to add pre-made ice cubes. The InnoChiller is the only product on the market which is designed to utilize the cold air in the freezer.

✓ Fits all freezers - With a height of only 17cm (6.7") it fits all freezer drawers.

✓ Battery powered - The InnoChiller is powered by a Lithium-Ion battery and the alarm will make sure to let you know when your drinks are ready.

✓ Cold drinks in ≈ 10 min. - beers/wines/soda is ready in approx. 10 min., Ice Cubes are ready after 30 min. SAVE 45 min. on drinks, and 2-3 hours on ice cubes.

InnoChiller different drinks

InnoChiller cools down anything you want


The InnoChiller is a clear must-have gadget for all well-equipped kitchens. It brings the benefit of always having the ability to cool down any type of beverages. Whether you have run out, forgot to stock up your fridge or just for fun.

It is the only fast chilling product on the market which doesn't require pre-made ice cubes for it to function, in fact, the InnoChiller makes ice cubes on its own with the special designed Ice Cube Tray (included).

Tests have shown that the InnoChiller is faster than ice/water mix in many cases, this is because of the large temp. difference in your freezer and the beers or wine you want to cool down. 

Is your freezer stuffed with frozen goods? You can use the InnoChiller in your fridge as well, just run the program twice (approx. 20 min.).

Thirsty guests? Fear not, the InnoChiller can run directly from the charger and flat-cord cable (included).


InnoChiller included Ice Cube Tray

Special-designed Ice Cube Tray optimized for maximum air circulation. 

The InnoChiller is capable of making 1 tray of ice cubes in only 30 minutes (save 2-3 hours!), this is a true party saver!

4 installed programs:

  • 3 cans - 9 min.
  • 6 cans - 12 min.
  • Wine - 11 min.
  • Ice Cubes - 30 min.

After each program the InnoChiller will stop and an alarm will make you aware that your drinks are ready to serve.

InnoChiller programs GIF
4 Programs


HxWxL: 6.7" x 6.7" x 9.8" / 17cm x 17cm x 24cm


  • Ice Cube Tray and lid
  • Battery
  • Charger and flat-cord cable


    12W high efficiency fan (very powerful)

    USB 5V Charger

    Cord lenght:
    79" / 2m

    1.5 kg / 3.3 lbf

    USA: 2-3 days / Europe: 4 days / Denmark 1-2 Days

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